Create WV Future Sessions
May 15, 2017 1:15 PM
About this event:

Our Future Sessions are short 5-minute Ignite Talks that consist of 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds as the speaker drops enlightening information on a preferably "cool" audience. Think TED talk or Pecha Kucha--only faster. To be a cool audience member, all one must do is come with an open mind. ;)

Typically the slides are visually engaging, the speaker is well rehearsed, and the information is often intriguing, thought-provoking, and in many cases, life-changing. Create West Virginia's Future Sessions will happen throughout this conference, weaving threads of design, innovation and citizen-driven big vision throughout the event. Inspiring visionaries of all ages will galvanize deep understanding of the overall benefits of Universal Design, Innovation Economy placemaking and Creative Economy placemaking, and much more.

The central theme for these talks (and the conference) is: How do we (re)create buildings, communities, learning places, programs and products to better meet needs of 21st century people, especially those who choose to live in rural and small cites? What works? What do we need more of?

If you've said, "You know what this place needs is __________, then you'll find the Future Sessions interesting. If you've ever asked:
Who's out there making interesting things happen? What technologies can help us? Who can we learn from? Who is inspiring positive change toward the design and rehab of our homes, communities, work, products, policy, commerce, healthcare, entrepreneurship, education, technology, research, transportation or more? You'll meet many.

Our Future Sessions connect people with with ideas, answers, research, technology, and resources that can be put to work immediately to improve life as we know it. 

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