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Sarah Halstead Boland

Many different groups of professionals, along with many individual citizens, are wondering just what in the world we're going to do to accommodate the rapidly changing, and rapidly aging, diverse population. When you start thinking about all the things that people need to live and learn, even minimally, in communities around the world, you can't help but notice gaps--gaps that inevitably lead to limitations--which inevitably lead to loss of income, limited mobility, diminished quality of life, limited opportunity. Look a little closer and you'll see missed opportunities to design places, programs and products to solve many of our persistent issues. The kind of design that puts people first is Universal Design. We think everyone should know the seven Universal Design principles and their guidelines as well as they know how to count to ten.

Who are we? Glad you asked. "We" are a collaborative made up of advocates, community and economic development professionals, design experts, professional educators and researchers focused on social sciences, research, and the practical application of that research. We believe that the only way to encourage transformative change is to startle and inspire a diverse group of people who care deeply about where and how they live, learn, work, and play. This conference is especially focused on rural design and business innovation.

So, if you've got information that you think citizens, building owners, business owners, planners, designers, educators, builders, remodelers and entrepreneurs need to know, and it's related to "design for all" or rural business innovation, please, submit a session proposal for our consideration. CLICK on the image below for the online Call For Proposals, where you'll also see some suggested topics we're interested in promoting.

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