Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Keynote to Focus on Brain Research & Everyday Teaching Innovation
Written by
Sarah Halstead Boland

Meet Allison Posey, a teacher who specializes in helping educators and parents integrate important brain research into curriculum and classroom design strategies to enhance learning and performance. Allison specializes in Universal Design for Learning, commonly referred to as UDL, and will demonstrate how teachers and parents can use UDL principles to improve learning experiences for every learner, at every age.

UDL is based in cognitive neuroscience and psychology, and while that may seem over the pay grade of the average teacher or homeschooling parent, Allison demonstrates that it isn't. She shows you how UDL is integral to the success of teachers and students in every education setting. Allison masterfully facilitates discussions between researchers and teachers to build strategies that enhance learning opportunities through the design of curricular materials and learning spaces. She advises others on curricular design, online course instruction, and leads professional learning programs, including the CAST UDL Symposium. She works with a wide range of educators to integrate and apply current understandings from brain research about learning into instructional practices so that all learners are able to access, integrate and become expert learners. She also coordinates the CAST free webinar seriesfree resources, and focuses on the central role of emotions in learning.

Prior to joining CAST, Allison was a life science teacher in high school and community college settings, teaching genetics, anatomy, physiology, biology, neuroscience, and psychology.  She earned a degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education where she also worked as a teaching fellow for courses such as Educational Neuroscience and Framing Scientific Research for Public Understanding.  She holds a Certificate in Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute of Art.

About CAST.org
Located a short distance north of Boston, CAST is a nonprofit education research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. 
The CAST team includes about 40 talented employees, including world-class educators, learning scientists, instructional designers, literacy experts, policy analysts, UX and graphic designers, software engineers, and a first-rate administrative and executive staff. 
Since its founding in 1984, CAST has seeded and grown the field of Universal Design for Learning through creative research and development, strategic partnerships, teacher preparation and support, and international outreach. Check out the CAST historical timeline here, and make plans to meet Allison in person in Charleston, WV.
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