Traditional Neighborhood Development - Is it for You?

The heart of the New Urbanism is in the design of neighborhoods, which can be defined by 13 elements, according to town planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk.

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Rural America’s population evolves

Melanie Scarborough, contributing editor for Banking Exchange magazine and offers a thoughtful snapshot of shifting demographic trends in rural America, and expert insight on design, building, healthcare and business.

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Keynote to Focus on Brain Research & Everyday Teaching Innovation

CAST researches and develops innovative solutions to make education more inclusive and effective. Introducing CAST's Allison Posey. She'll help you deepen your knowledge and practice of UDL in instructional design and teaching.

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21ST CENTURY LIFE CALLS FOR A FRESH APPROACH to making the most of living and learning. The CALL FOR PROPOSALS is now online. Share those incredible ideas with people who want to learn more!

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Workshop to Focus on Universal Design in Charleston

As city planners and community organizers search for ways to make Charleston a haven for both its aging residents and younger visitors, a set of concepts will drive that conversation at an upcoming workshop.

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An Introduction to Universal Design

Though formally flashy chairs and posh penthouses may reside at the sexier end of the design world, universal design actually affects us all. So pay attention and prepare to learn something - your less hale days aren’t far off; none of ours is.

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A Critical Issue Facing Brands

"...most brands and organization don’t even realize they’re excluding millions of people; they don’t understand that they’ve unintentionally prevented close to 20% of the US market from engaging with them."

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The Business Case for Universal Design: Toys R Us

"Families and friends are sick of spending money on toys kids can't use. The Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids catalog is used as a guide to the right toys to buy, so kids are stimulated, not frustrated." Diana Nielander,National Lekotek Center

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The Ignored Generation: 25 Stats Brands Should Know About Marketing to Baby Boomers

Last year Jami Oetting from Hubspot published an interesting list of statistics that we thought would be helpful to others who may not know just how important Boomers are to the economy. Designers, builders, Universal Design is what they need.

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After statewide flooding wipes out communities, Create WV announces Community Innovation Fund

Local non profit announces patient capital fund to support innovative projects and ideas for communities and individuals who want to demonstrate design-thinking, problem-solving and entrepreneurship for effective, equitable and sustainable solutions.

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